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Baby Powder I Bathala Scents I Premium Fragrance Oil 10ml

Baby Powder I Bathala Scents I Premium Fragrance Oil 10ml

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Bathala Scents Baby Powder Fragrance Oil is the perfect everyday scent that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. With its delicate, light, and fresh air fragrance, it promotes a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of a baby's scent. The fragrance oil features top notes of clean ozone, muguet, and citrus, followed by middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine, and a delicate rose. The gentle woody, violet, and powder notes at the base add a touch of warmth and elegance.

This premium fragrance oil can be used in a variety of ways, making it incredibly versatile. Use it in diffusers, room sprays, candles, lamp rings, sachets, potpourri, household cleaners, and even on stationery. The possibilities are endless! Simply add the fragrance gradually to the desired level to enjoy its beautiful aroma.

At Bathala Scents, we are proud to be a local business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our passion for creating high-quality fragrance oils shines through in every product we offer. Our Baby Powder Fragrance Oil is carefully crafted to ensure the perfect balance of fragrance notes, providing you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

  • Promotes a calming and relaxing atmosphere
  • Versatile usage in diffusers, candles, and more

When you choose Bathala Scents, you are choosing a fragrance oil that is made with attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube (@bathalascents) to stay updated on the latest news, promotions, and scent inspiration!

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