About Us

Welcome to Bathala Scents and Natural Wellness, your premier destination for high-quality, locally crafted aromatherapy essentials and natural products in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Established in June 2021 with the invaluable support and mentorship of SEED Winnipeg, we have passionately ventured into diverse markets, creating a vibrant community that has garnered recognition in events like Winnipeg Community Votes 2023. 

We take great pride in announcing our recent achievements that highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in the health and wellness industry. It is with immense pleasure that we share the news of being honored as the winner of the Canadian Choice Award 2024 for health and wellness in Winnipeg. This prestigious recognition not only reflects our dedication to promoting well-being but also underscores the positive impact we have made on the community.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to have received a nomination for the Canadian SME National Business Award in the category of Startup Business of the Year for 2023. This acknowledgment is a testament to our dynamic approach, strategic vision, and the hard work of our dedicated team. Being recognized in such a competitive landscape speaks volumes about our ability to drive innovation and create a lasting impression in the business world.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulously curated selection, featuring premium fragrance oils and 3rd-party purity tested essential oils. At Bathala Scents and Natural Wellness, we take pride in offering an exquisite range of aromatherapy essentials, including essential oils, fragrances, hotel scents, diffusers, and roller blend oils.

What distinguishes our products is their origin, each item carefully packaged in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and overall wellness, extending our offerings to include a variety of natural wellness items.

Explore our collection, which encompasses specialized massage tools made from natural materials and an extensive selection of gemstones, including bespoke bracelets and necklaces. Notably, our customers appreciate our on-site customization services, allowing them to tailor their purchases to their unique preferences.

Our essential oils are unparalleled in purity, meticulously crafted from the highest quality ingredients. Free from harmful and irritating chemicals, our products guarantee a purely natural and enriching experience.

We are genuinely excited to introduce you to our exceptional range of products. We invite you to immerse yourself in the pleasure of in-store shopping, where you can personally explore and select your favorite scents. Experience the essence of natural beauty and well-being at Bathala Scents and Natural Wellness, your trusted partner for premium aromatherapy and wellness solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba.