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Wormwood I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

Wormwood I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

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Wormwood I 25 Premium Natural Incense Sticks


Meet our Bathala Wormwood Incense, a captivating scent that awakens your senses with its bitter greenness. It's strong but gentle, needing just a little to fill your space with its unique aroma. With its bold herbal scent, Wormwood Incense leaves a memorable mark. Its richness and aroma create an intriguing experience. When you light a stick, you'll sense its pleasant bitterness, a bit like something you know. Its herbal scent brings a mysterious vibe, like ancient rituals. Like the familiar comfort of sage, Wormwood Incense wraps you in its pleasing scent, guiding you into deep thoughts and reverence. Let it take you on a journey to ancient wisdom.


Each pack of Bathala Wormwood Incense contains 25 sticks, each measuring a generous 21cm in length. With a burn time of approximately 35 to 40 minutes per stick, indulge in its enchanting aroma as it fills your space with Bathala Wormwood Incense. Natural Ingredients: Cinnamon Powder and Joss Powder.


Note: Before lighting your incense, visualize your desired outcome. Keep this focus as you ignite the incense, concentrating on its manifestation. Pause to establish your intention before igniting the incense. Embrace the present moment and let the aroma envelop your senses, fostering a serene and reflective atmosphere.


Benefits of 25 Bathala Wormwood Natural Premium Incense Sticks:

I never realized how transformative incense could be until I tried Bathala Wormwood Incense. Its scent is truly one-of-a-kind - bold yet gentle, it fills the room with a captivating aroma that stays with you long after it's lit. The herbal notes are both comforting and enigmatic, reminding me of ancient rituals and sacred traditions. Even just a little bit creates an atmosphere of reflection and respect, leading me on a path to deeper contemplation and timeless wisdom. Bathala Wormwood Incense is now a vital part of my daily routine, providing a moment of tranquility and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.




Dive into the powerful effects of Bathala Wormwood Incense, a fragrant experience that goes beyond typical aromatherapy. As the subtle smoke fills your space, it leads you on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Feel your anger melt away as the calming scent of Wormwood gently soothes your soul, guiding you to inner peace. Strengthen your relationships as the inviting atmosphere fosters deeper connections with your loved ones.

Open your mind to new perspectives as Wormwood's aroma heightens your intuition, inviting insights from beyond. Bid farewell to negativity as clarity and vitality take its place.

Experience a newfound tranquility as anxiety fades, replaced by a serene state of mind. Let Bathala Wormwood Incense uplift your spirits, filling your surroundings with joy.

In tough times, find solace in this comforting scent, a beacon of hope. Let it lead you on a journey of healing and growth, empowering you to overcome challenges. Bathala Wormwood Incense offers a path to inner harmony and reflection. Embrace its transformative essence and embark on a journey to a more balanced life.


Safely enjoy the aromatic pleasures of burning incense by following these precautions: Keep it away from children, pets, and flammable objects. Always place it on a stable surface and never leave it unattended. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid lighting incense before bed. Use designated incense holders and monitor regularly to prevent fire hazards. Be cautious of potential burns and allergic reactions, and consult a medical professional if needed.


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