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Green Lotus I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

Green Lotus I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

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Green Lotus I 25 Premium Natural Incense Sticks


The Green Lotus scent presents a gentle and revitalizing scent, featuring sweet and floral notes intertwined with a subtle hint of green and herbal undertones. It blends crisp citrus, soft florals, and a delicate praline sweetness, resulting in a uniquely refreshing and spiced aroma. Perfect for individuals desiring a light, clean, and airy fragrance, Green Lotus evokes feelings of purity and renewal. Its fresh green essence adds a revitalizing touch, making it an ideal option for those who appreciate fragrances inspired by the natural world.


Each pack of Bathala Green Lotus Incense contains 25 sticks, each measuring a generous 21cm in length. With a burn time of approximately 35 to 40 minutes per stick, indulge in its enchanting aroma as it fills your space with Bathala Green Lotus Incense. Natural Ingredients: Green Lotus Powder and Joss Powder.


Note: Before lighting your incense, visualize your desired outcome. Keep this focus as you ignite the incense, concentrating on its manifestation. Pause to establish your intention before igniting the incense. Embrace the present moment and let the aroma envelop your senses, fostering a serene and reflective atmosphere.


Benefits of 25 Bathala Green Lotus Natural Premium Incense Sticks:

Discovering the Green Lotus incense has been a true revelation for me. Its gentle yet revitalizing scent instantly transports me to a place of serenity and renewal. The sweet and floral notes, coupled with subtle hints of green and herbal undertones, create a harmonious blend that soothes my senses and uplifts my spirit. With each whiff, I'm enveloped in a refreshing aroma that feels like a breath of fresh air. Perfect for anyone seeking a light, clean, and airy fragrance experience, Green Lotus incense fills my space with a sense of purity and rejuvenation. Its natural essence brings a revitalizing touch to my surroundings, making it an absolute must-have for those who appreciate fragrances inspired by the beauty of nature.



The Green Lotus incense offers benefits such as mood elevation, protection, enhanced spirituality, and meditation for inner peace and outer harmony. Its versatile usage promotes daily aromatic ambiance, stress relief, and meditation, while believed to attract wealth and money, fostering calmness and spiritual clarity. With its healing essence promoting love and abundance while purifying spaces, Green Lotus symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, beauty, fertility, purity, prosperity, and eternity.


Safely enjoy the aromatic pleasures of burning incense by following these precautions: Keep it away from children, pets, and flammable objects. Always place it on a stable surface and never leave it unattended. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid lighting incense before bed. Use designated incense holders and monitor regularly to prevent fire hazards. Be cautious of potential burns and allergic reactions, and consult a medical professional if needed.


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