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Jasmine I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

Jasmine I Premium Natural Incense Sticks

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Jasmine I 25 Premium Natural Incense Sticks


Experience the luxurious scent of Bathala Jasmine Incense, captivating with its rich and sweet aroma. With each breath, you'll discover its fruity and sensual essence, enhancing fragrances with depth and intensity. Bathala Jasmine's sweet floral notes exude an enticing muskiness, adding allure and intrigue to the air.

Wrap yourself in the soft, sweet floral fragrance of Bathala Jasmine to cultivate a romantic or calming atmosphere. Allow its enchanting scent to whisk you away to a serene and romantic haven, where each inhale brings a moment of tranquil bliss.


Each pack of Bathala Jasmine Incense contains 25 sticks, each measuring a generous 21cm in length. With a burn time of approximately 35 to 40 minutes per stick, indulge in its enchanting aroma as it fills your space with Bathala Jasmine Incense. Natural Ingredients: Jasmine Powder and Joss Powder.


Note: Before lighting your incense, visualize your desired outcome. Keep this focus as you ignite the incense, concentrating on its manifestation. Pause to establish your intention before igniting the incense. Embrace the present moment and let the aroma envelop your senses, fostering a serene and reflective atmosphere.


Benefits of 25 Bathala Jasmine Natural Premium Incense Sticks:

It's like a fancy treat for your senses! The scent is lush and floral, with hints of fruit that make you want more. What makes it special are its lovely floral notes, like a touch of romance in the air. When you use Bathala Jasmine, it makes your home feel calm and cozy, easing away stress and leaving you feeling relaxed. It's like bringing a bit of paradise into your own place. Once you give it a try, you won't want to be without it. Trust me on that.



Introducing Bathala Jasmine Incense, your ticket to a world of tranquility and peace. Its calming scent effortlessly soothes away stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Let the gentle aroma of jasmine uplift your mood and bring a sense of happiness and contentment.

But there's more to Bathala Jasmine Incense than just relaxation. It also sets the stage for romance, fostering intimate moments and deep connections. Its enchanting fragrance promotes restful sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling energized and ready to seize the day.

This incense not only sharpens mental focus but also nurtures spiritual growth. Allow its fragrance to dispel negativity and cultivate a sense of inner harmony. Known as the 'Heart's Fortune', Bathala Jasmine Incense embodies love, security, and passion.

Jasmine's floral scent carries profound symbolism, representing moon magic, meditation, and the promise of good fortune. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of nature and spirituality, encouraging you to embrace the beauty and wisdom of the world around you.


Safely enjoy the aromatic pleasures of burning incense by following these precautions: Keep it away from children, pets, and flammable objects. Always place it on a stable surface and never leave it unattended. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid lighting incense before bed. Use designated incense holders and monitor regularly to prevent fire hazards. Be cautious of potential burns and allergic reactions, and consult a medical professional if needed.


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